Ellin Greene

Storytelling: Art and Technique, Fourth Edition

Fourteen years ago, Book Report called the third edition of Storytelling: Art and Technique, "invaluable...a volume no librarian will want to be without."* The newly published fourth edition has been updated and expanded with 30 percent new material.


Foreword, "A Contemporary Classic," by Jack Zipes

"For Story's Sake: Reading As Its Own Reward," by Janice Del Negro

A historical perspective of storytelling throughout the ages

An overview of storytelling in libraries in the United States from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the present day

How to select, prepare, and tell stories to children of all ages, including a chapter on storytelling to children with special needs or in special settings

A greatly expanded chapter on storytelling to the very young

Storytelling to young adults

Children and young adults as storytellers

A step-by-step plan to help you create, administer, and publicize your storytelling programs, including sample programs

An essay about storytelling in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, by Patrick Ryan

"How Do You Say 'Storytelling' in Chinese?" a report by Judith Heineman about her experience as a Storytelling Delegate to China in 2008.

Full texts of 13 stories with source, culture, telling time, audience, and comment

Resources for the Storyteller - an updated and greatly expanded bibliography of storytelling material, including professional readings, folk tales, heroes and heroines, myths and legends, literary fairy tales, poetry and song, stories of special appeal to different age groups, read-aloud favorites, storytelling recordings and much more

*I have a limited number of copies of the third edition available for sale. The third edition includes the Festschrift for Augusta Baker containing A Baker's Dozen: 13 Stories Worth Telling with notes and a tribute to Mrs. Baker by each story selector.

Storytelling: Art and Technique, Fourth Edition (with Janice Del Negro)
An essential guide for beginning and experienced storytellers alike.
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"Greene's text has a lovely, crooning lilt." - Publishers Weekly "... a great gift for new mothers." - Parent Magazine
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