Ellin Greene

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Midsummer Magic - A Collection of Stories, Recipes & Folklore, illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Kimberly Wilson from Virginia writes “What a shame this wonderful, elegantly written little book is out of print. I read it when I was 12 and I haven't forgotten it. In this book, Midsummer is a dreamy, magical time when love is in the air, the good can get their due, animals may speak and longed for hopes can, with luck, come true.”

"As she did in a previous collection, Clever Cooks, the compiler has assembled around a central theme a potpourri of folk tales, traditional customs, herbal lore, and cookery. The selections chiefly represent Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Ireland; among the northern Europeans for whom winter is a long dark season, "Midsummer is a time of merriment and joy, and Midsummer Eve a night of magic and enchantment." Many of the rites and ceremonies of the summer solstice were originally pagan, but as was often the case, the festival eventually became overlaid with Christian symbolism; both aspects of the observance are reflected in the book. The material, inevitably a bit miscellaneous, is packaged handsomely and unified by graceful, highly decorative drawings." -Ethel L. Heins, Horn Book

Storytelling: Art and Technique, Fourth Edition (with Janice Del Negro)
An essential guide for beginning and experienced storytellers alike.
Picture Book
Mother's Song - A Lullaby, illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles
"Greene's text has a lovely, crooning lilt." - Publishers Weekly "... a great gift for new mothers." - Parent Magazine
The Little Golden Lamb, illustrated by Rosanne Litzinger
"A joyous tale, with a beautiful blend of text and illustration. A read-aloud treasure."
-School Library Journal
Storytelling World Honor Book 2001
Elsie Piddock Skips In Her Sleep
Stories and Poems by Eleanor Farjeon